Over 30,000 of the original course sold… all new for 2024


36 year direct marketing veteran shows you how he uses cheap little postcards to make himself and his clients over $100 million dollars.

From: Luke Jaten
Cheyenne Mountain
Thursday, 7:36 am

Hi… my name’s Luke Jaten and I’ll admit it…    

What I’m about to tell you is going to be hard to believe.

If you believe me you’ll be well rewarded.

If you don’t believe me I’ll make it worth your while to change your mind.

Let me explain…

If you’re serious about making real money and you’re ready to quit screwing around with so-called “opportunities” that make everyone rich but you…

Then I want to show you a few simple formulas that anyone can use to start from absolute zero and start making REAL money in just 7 days using simple, cheap, little postcards…

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a product or even an idea for a product.

People I talk to are often shocked to find out…

  • That you can create a multi-million dollar business using cheap little postcards.

  • Or that you can get businesses to pay you $240,000 a year to mail postcards for them.

  • Or that you can use postcards to generate a 10 times return on investment.

  • Or that you can use postcards to double an e-commerce business’s sales.

  • Or that you can use postcards to make 6 figures a year selling other people’s products.

I started using postcards and direct mail for marketing in 2001. Since then I’ve sold over $100 million dollars worth of products and services for myself and my clients. That doesn’t include the sales of all the people I’ve taught my methods to.

My first big hit using postcards made $2 million in the first year.

I started another business with $800 bucks out of pocket. It turned into a $100k net per month within 90 days using one silly postcard.

I created a postcard for a client that made an $800k sale from the first mailing.

If you can’t tell yet… I love postcards and direct mail.

Anyway, back in 2008 I created the first Postcard Profits course. I sold 30,000 of them before I took it off the market.

In that original course I taught one way to make money with postcards.

Since then I’ve tested and perfected 15 different ways to make money with postcards.

3 weeks ago I did a live workshop where I taught all the new stuff.

People paid $149 for the two day event.

You can get the recorded version for $19.95

And I’ll even give you the audiobook of Postcard Profits as a bonus!

Here’s just a piece of what you’ll learn…

  • How I made over $50,000 in 5 days selling a $59 product that cost me $2 and how you can too.

  • The highest profit items (by far) to sell with postcards and where to find these products… many of them for free.

  • How to do a test to see if a product will sell without wasting thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

  • The truth about mailing lists and what you MUST ask your list broker before you buy any list.

  • I share actual winning postcards (even the one that made an $800k sale from the first call).

  • How to rake in $5.00 in pure PROFIT for every single postcard you mail.

  • The right way to sell other people’s stuff if you don’t want to sell your own.

  • How to get businesses to pay you every month for mailing postcards to their customers.

  • And much much more.

And remember… You do NOT need to have a product to make this work… in fact you don’t even need an idea for a product to make this work… because I show you where to get all the ideas for products you’ll ever need for free.

And the great thing is you’re getting all this for a fraction of what others paid.

Grab your copy of the Postcard Profits Workshop videos and manual now for just $19.95