That's 898 checks and money orders for $59 each, over $50,000... one week's worth of orders from one of my first postcard campaigns using nothing but cheap postcards, a voicemail box... and a simple technique I'm gonna teach you for FREE if you'll let me.

- Luke (the postcard guy)

Hi… my name’s Luke Jaten and…

I'll admit it... What I'm about to tell you is going to be hard to believe.

If you believe me you’ll be hugely rewarded. If you don't believe me... I'll make it worth your while to change your mind.

Let me explain...

If you're serious about making real money and you're ready to quit screwing around with so-called "opportunities" that make everyone rich but you...

Then I want to show you a simple formula that anyone can use to start from absolute zero and start making REAL money in 30 days or less using simple, cheap, little postcards...

Listen I don’t expect you to believe a thing I’m saying at this point… but just stick with me…

You’re gonna love this.

Over the last several years and after lots of trial and error and spending tens of thousands of dollars…

I've figured out and perfected a simple formula for predictably, raking in huge amounts of cash with cheap little postcards and I've been using it to quietly make myself ridiculous amounts of money.

I’m not kidding… I’ve made over $50,000 in a week using this simple formula… just look at the picture at the top of this page or this one...

"Really it changed my life. I mean it was step-by-step, 1-2-3, paint by numbers type stuff...
I went from making $31,000 a year as a chef to making $187,000 a year with what you taught me Luke... and I've got the tax returns to prove it."

- Randy G.
"We're averaging anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000 a week... and it's like clockwork. It's great. We love it."

- Martin W.
"I'm so excited about doing this as a long term business, and I really appreciate you for sharing this info. I really appreciate your style and openness with everything you're sharing as well. Very excited to learn more from you."

- Jared P.
"Luke, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Following your strategies, my first campaign brought in just over $1,000 in sales and more than half of that is profit. From start to finish it took only 10 hours or so following your step by step guidance. Finally, something that ACTUALLY works."

- George R.
"... I just cleared $29,000 dollars in my second month. Luke's stuff works... it totally works."

- Curt D.
Here’s the best part…

I’m going to show you exactly how it works in a FREE teleseminar...

And give you the simple step-by-step instructions for setting up your very own money making postcard project.

And when I say step-by-step I mean…

Step#1: Do this, here’s how and why.

Step#2: Do this, here’s how and why.

Step#3: Do this, and so on…

This will NOT be a teleseminar with vague theories and ideas that never work for REAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD... and it definitely won't be a pitch-a-thon or a way for me to sell you a bunch of other crap.

I'm simply gonna share my PERSONAL TRUE LIFE experience with you - and I'll spell out exactly how you can take the same steps as me and start earning REAL MONEY EVERY WEEK!

The great part for you is... you don't have to buy anything or pay anything to learn this powerful formula because I'm gonna teach it to you on the teleseminar for FREE!

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn...
  • The simple formula I've used to make $52,923 in 5 days using nothing but a postcard and voicemail and how YOU CAN TOO!
  • The best products (by far) to sell with postcards and where to find them - some of them for free.
  • How to do a cheap test to see if a product will sell without wasting a bunch of money.
  • The four words to use on every postcard that'll always double your response rate.
  • The truth about mailing lists and the one question you must ask your list broker before you use any list.
  • How to make $250,000 a year even if your project loses money.
  • How to rake in $5 dollars in pure profit for every postcard you mail.
  • And much, much more
There's just one catch... I'm limiting this teleseminar to just 50 people. Which means you need to register now to reserve your spot!
"I got 300 orders from my second mailing! I just found a new income for me and my family."

- Daryl H.
"Thank you Luke. I used just one part of what you teach (about mailing lists) and I was able to generate $45,000 in sales the first month."

- Jeff S.
"I didn't believe I could ever do something like this... I'm 19 going to school with a part time job and I grossed $10,000 in a matter of a month. If I can do it anyone can."

- Alex K.
"Thanks Luke for introducing me to your postcard methods, I made over $2000.00 on my first postcard mailing. This is a real simple way to make extra money."

- Randy T.
"I pulled 116 orders off my first postcard mailing. So here's my testimonial for you: I didn't know anything about postcards until I met Luke. On my very first mailing... I pulled in $6,844... I'm now looking to ramp this up."

- Kent S.
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